Posted on October 30, 2017

RemoteLog is a new telematics system from Tigercat. It was designed after extensive field research that included feedback from customers from around the world. Tigercat aimed for a simple, robust telematics solution that works even in the most remote locations. Logging sites are often well out of range of cellular phone service providers. RemoteLog uses a satellite data connection that provides global coverage. Data is automatically updated to secure servers on a regular basis. The data collected consists of

  • Machine location and movements
  • An activity timeline to identify when a machine is idle, operating, shutdown or refuelling
  • Fuel levels and consumption
  • Mechanical performance parameters
  • Critical machine messages

The data is presented to the user in a simple, easy-to-navigate web portal that runs on all major desktop and tablet browsers. This enables it to be available from anywhere with an internet connection. No special operator training is required. The system collects and sends data automatically. Extensive reporting and analytics built into RemoteLog allow the owner to quickly see when the machine is working or if there are potential problems developing. Users can also set up alerts to notify service personnel. Dealers can see error codes and other important mechanical information to help get the right service and parts on the first visit. RemoteLog helps owners address simple things such as filter changes before they become major headaches and lets dealers offer proactive service for spare parts and consumables.

The hardware components of RemoteLog consist of a satellite antenna on top of the machine that is protected by a polycarbonate housing. A telematics computer module is in the cab. The computer module connects to the machine data bus to read maintenance information and to the satellite antenna for data upload. The computer module goes into low power mode when the machine is turned off. The module will shut down automatically after three days with no key-on cycle to conserve the machine battery.

RemoteLog is available as a factory installed option on all Tigercat machines. The initial purchase includes the required hardware and the first year of data usage (running in sync with the machine’s warranty period). After the first year, annual subscriptions can be purchased from your Tigercat dealer. Contact your dealer to see if a retrofit kit is available for your existing Tigercat machine.