Posted on March 8, 2017
Luciano Simão

The system is based on the tried and tested capstan principle where the winch has a separate drum for rope storage, while the motor, providing traction, is installed on the capstan unit. The rope is wound nine times around the capstan drive, which gives great friction force and thus an efficient winch.

The capstan system provides even traction because the same amount of rope is always wound around the capstan unit. This is an advantage compared to a regular drum winch where the rope is wound around a drum that also houses the motor, a construction that provides uneven traction because the torque varies depending on how much rope remains on the drum.

The design also offers better control over how the rope is wound onto the drum compared to a drum winch. This is because the entire tractive force acts on the capstan unit while only indirectly acting on the rope on the storage drum. As a result, the operator can rest assured that the rope will wind onto the drum without incident.

The reduced traction force on the storage drum also means less stress and wear on the rope, thereby extending its service life.

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Source: Komatsu